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This product is suitable for the surroundings, which need faint scent or disinfectant, or increasing humidity. This product is used to atomize the medicinal liquid into the finest particles, for easily inhaling into the lungs by patients. It is widely used for internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and department of dermatology of hospital and nursing homes, especially suitable for respiratory disease such as asthma. It has a 350mL reservoir, more convenient for use. Facial cleaning & beauty care Applying over 1MHz ultrasonic nebulized mist to clean the face is very effective, and it is a usual skin care method, very convenient and comfortable.

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Ultrasonic nebulizer


Equipped with low water level alarm
High efficiency of work
For household and professional use

Technical data:

Power supply AC 220V+/-22V
Input power ≤50VA
Timing range 60min
Continuous loading time ≥4h
Ultrasonic ferquency 1,7MHz+/-0,17Mhz
Maximum nebulizing rate ≥3ml/min
Max medication cup capacity 150ml
Max mdeication capacity for big cup 350ml


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