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The care-vision respiro is an  Compressor  type nebulizer suitable for the whole family. It is convenient small size allows easy transportation and storage without taking up too much space. The device can be effectively used in the treatment of asthma, COPD and other diseases of the respiratory system.

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What is nebulizer? Nebulizer machine price in pakistan

Nebulizer is a small portable medical device. A nebulizer changes medication from a liquid to a mist, so you can inhale it into your lungs through which medicine is transmitted to the patients suffering from breathing disorders. There are many types of nebulizers. The purpose of this device is to ensure that the medicine goes directly to the patient’s lungs to make them feel relaxed from breathing issues. The best part is that it is faster, easier, and provides proper relief instantly than any other oral medications.


Types of Nebulizers:

There are different types of nebulizers to choose from. Different nebulizers have particular features, but no specific type of nebulizer machine has been shown to be better or less than another for asthma.

There are three main types of nebulizers in technologies

 Jet: Must be plugged in, Bulky, The Least costly

 Ultrasonic: Faster treatment, more expensive, less sound

Compact/portable, Plug-in or battery-operated

 Mesh: Fastest treatment, expensive, Compact/portable, Plug-in or battery-operated

Jet Nebulizers are the most popular because they are easy to use and less in price. These devices have a small plastic chamber where the liquid medicine is placed. Nebulizer machine that provides a stream of compressed air the air flows into the tube, passes through the chamber, and the medication is changed into a fine mist that can then be breathed by a mouthpiece connected with a tube into the lungs.


Jet nebulizers are heavy and can be operated with electrical sources which can be a problem when you are traveling. Jet nebulizers are normally noisier.

Ultrasonic Nebulizers use ultrasonic waves to aerosolized asthma medication. They provide treatment faster than jet nebulizers and do not require mixing saline with your asthma medication.

Ultrasonic nebulizers are much more compact. They can be operated by battery, portable and easy to carry.

Mesh nebulizers are the novel innovation of nebulizer. Mesh nebulizers vibrate a small mesh membrane at a very high level. As liquid medication is forced through tiny holes in the mesh, aerosol is produced. They use a mesh cap with tiny holes to help dispense medication into consistent particle sizes that can be easily inhaled.

Mesh are battery-operated, giving patients the freedom to complete their respiratory treatment when they’re on-the-go, portable and very convenient. Mesh nebulizers need to be cleaned regularly after used to avoid blocking of the small openings to produce the mist. Almost entirely silent, modern mesh nebulizers are also small and compact, and enable you to complete your treatment in a short time.

Who can use the nebulizer?

A nebulizer is suggested for patients with severe breathing problems, like COPD, or asthma patients, nebulizers with a higher level of producing medication smokes are better because they deliver higher quantities of the nebulized medicated smoke.

If you want to use your nebulizer very frequently, treatment is required at different times during the day, you should choose a sturdy nebulizer with a high nebulize effect, which is suitable for regular use.

How to clean the nebulizer?

Make sure, there are no wet particles in the chamber or in the tube after use clean the machine completely with dry cloth before storage. Do not use the same mask for different patients. Never place a battery or nebulizer machine in water! Never place tubing in water, if your tubing gets wet, connect it to your compressor, and then allow air to run through the tubing to dry.

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water.
  • Rinse the mask or mouthpiece with warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Never wash nebulizer machine or tubing in water
  • Reassemble the nebulizer after the individual parts have dried.

Nebulizer machine price in pakistan?

The use of Neutralizers is increasing rapidly even in Pakistan. Nowadays, doctors do recommend nebulizing your baby as it is a more effective and quick way for medicines to reach the baby.


Care vision compressor nebulizer is one of the top selling Nebulizers online in Pakistan. Care vision has quickly become one of the leading brands dealing with medical products in Pakistan. This nebulizer machine  also can be used by patients of multiple age groups and It is also one of the cheapest products in the nebulizer’s list.

The budget-friendly nebulizer is especially designed for those still determining what they are looking for in a nebulizer. The small size allows it to keep on less space during treatment and have a lighter weight than most other nebulizers.

Nebulizer machine online

MegMesius offers choices with their stylish and finest nebulizer machine online Pakistan and Megmedius is a leading nebulizer machine online websites in Pakistan CARE VISION COMPRESSOR NEBULIZER RESPIRO has no competition with it having the most economical nebulizer in the market.

We have all the style and functionality you’d need, and we strive to keep prices low. Place and order online right now or Need help with a custom order please contact our representative and will assist you.



  • Compressed air nebulization
  • Storage space for nebulization kit
  • For treatment of upper and lower airways, colds


  • Compressed air nebulization
  • Storage space for nebulization kit
  • For treatment of upper and lower airways, colds,
  • asthma and respiratory diseases
  • Optimal respirable dose delivery
  • Quick effective treatment
  • Support for wide voltage input
  • Durable quality product
  • Non-slip body material
  • Long tube


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