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Here are the 4 simple steps for becoming a distributor of our products:

  1. Read and understand the following terms of becoming a distributor
  2. Please note that we are currently only accepting distributors with in Pakistan.
  3. To qualify as our distributor, we require that you place a minimum order of Rs.100000.00 or a minimum quantity of units within the first year.
  4. For an order of value/quantity less than that, we will charge you our regular retail prices. But we will keep a record of your orders, and once you reach our wholesale requirement within that year, we will refund to you the full difference between the wholesale and retail prices.
  5. Please note that many of our products are available for wholesale, but not all of them (see our featured products below). Also note our best-sellers, shown at the right side of this page.
  6. Please note that we do not send out catalogs.
  7. Quotations will depend on your quantity and your order size.
  8. Only cash or payment accepted.
  9. For the wholesale prices quoted, note that shipping is an additional cost, and promotional free gifts are not included. (See also Special Notes Re Shipping at the bottom of this page.)
  10. Exchange or return is accepted if products are in re-sellable condition.
  11. We can handle drop ship orders without any problem.

See our catalogs on this page to decide on your products:

Choose the products you are interested in carrying from our selections below.

Prepare the information you will need for our distributor form

To set up a wholesale account, we will ask for this information regarding your business:

  1. Your company name and full address.
  2. Your company’s Registration Number and Tax ID.
  3. Your company’s website address.
  4. Photocopy of your credit card (front and back, with signature).
  5. Your Order.

Your detailed information will result in faster approval to become a distributor of our products.Be specific about the items you are interested in. Quotations will depend on your quantity and your order size.

Fill out and submit a Distributor Application Form

Now you are ready to fill out ourĀ Distributor Application Form. Because it is important to be specific about the items you want to distribute, you can also click through to the Application Form from any of the wholesale product inside pages. Once you have submitted a completed form, you are on your way to becoming a distributor. Please note that we can only process a maximum of 6 products per completed form.

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