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ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Efficient and Accurate


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Discover the ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer – the ultimate solution for efficient and accurate clinical chemistry testing. Streamline your laboratory workflow and deliver precise results with ease. Shop now and experience precise results at an unbeatable chemistry analyzer price in Pakistan! 


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Introducing the ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer – Your Solution for Efficient and Accurate Clinical Chemistry Analysis.

  • High Precision: The ERBA CHEM 7 utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure precise and reliable clinical chemistry results, empowering you with confidence in your diagnostic processes.
  • Rapid Analysis: With its advanced capabilities, this analyzer delivers swift test results, enabling faster decision-making and streamlined patient care.
  • Comprehensive Panel: The ERBA CHEM 7 offers a wide range of tests within a single platform, providing comprehensive insights into various clinical parameters, from routine chemistry to special assays.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design make operation straightforward, reducing the learning curve for your laboratory staff.
  • Minimal Sample Volume: This analyzer requires only a small sample volume, conserving precious samples and reducing the need for sample redraws.
  • Compact Footprint: Designed with space efficiency in mind, the ERBA CHEM 7 fits seamlessly into your laboratory setup, optimizing workspace utilization.
  • Data Management: It has robust data management capabilities, including storage and retrieval, ensuring organized and accessible patient records.
  • Data Security: Protect patient information with advanced data security features, meeting compliance and privacy standards.

Invest in the ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer and experience the efficiency, accuracy, and versatility your laboratory needs for top-tier clinical diagnostics. Streamline your workflow, enhance patient care, and stay at the forefront of healthcare technology with this exceptional instrument.



  • High performance
  • Easy operation
  • Direct access Keys
  • Direct Printer Connectivity
  • Monitoring of Q.C
  • Open system with ten analytical modes and 200 test programmable capacity
  • It can be used for first-hand screening of hormones & coagulation tests
  • Unique triple cuvette facility
  • 56 direct access keys for faster operation
  • Optional dry block incubator & battery pack for mobile use
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Monitoring of QC
  • Direct printer/keyboard connectivity

FAQs about ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  1. What is the ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer?
  2. The ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a state-of-the-art diagnostic instrument for analyzing various clinical chemistry parameters in medical laboratories.
  3. What types of tests can the ERBA CHEM 7 perform?
  4. This analyzer can perform various clinical chemistry tests, including routine and particular assays, providing comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.
  5. How accurately does the ERBA CHEM 7 Analyzer generate the results?
  6. The ERBA CHEM 7 is known for its high precision, delivering accurate and reliable results that healthcare professionals can trust for patient diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  7. How fast does the ERBA CHEM 7 provide test results?
  8. This analyzer offers rapid analysis, ensuring quick turnaround times for test results, which can significantly improve the efficiency of patient care and diagnosis.
  9. Is the ERBA CHEM 7 easy to operate?
  10. Yes, the ERBA CHEM 7 features an intuitive user interface and user-friendly design, making it easy for laboratory staff to operate with minimal training.
  11. What is the sample volume required for testing with the ERBA CHEM 7?
  12. The ERBA CHEM 7 requires only a small sample volume, which helps conserve precious samples and reduces the need for sample redraws.
  13. Does the ERBA CHEM 7 have data management capabilities?
  14. It has robust data management features, including data storage and retrieval, to help maintain organized patient records and test results.
  15. Is data security a concern with the ERBA CHEM 7?
  16. The ERBA CHEM 7 incorporates advanced data security features to protect patient information and ensure compliance with privacy standards.
  17. What is the footprint of the ERBA CHEM 7?
  18. This analyzer is designed with a compact footprint, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your laboratory setup without occupying excessive space.
  19. Where can I purchase the ERBA CHEM 7 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer?
  20. You can inquire about purchasing the ERBA CHEM 7 through ERBA Diagnostics or authorized distributors. Be sure to contact their sales team for pricing and availability information.
  21. Is technical support available for the ERBA CHEM 7?
  22. Yes, ERBA Diagnostics typically provides technical support and service options for their products. You can contact their customer support for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting assistance.
  23. Are there any ongoing software updates or maintenance requirements for the ERBA CHEM 7?
  24. ERBA Diagnostics may release software updates or provide maintenance recommendations periodically. It’s advisable to stay in touch with their support team to ensure your analyzer is up-to-date and operating optimally.



Light Source Quartz Halogen Lamp
Height 205 mm
Length 300 mm
Weight 7 kg
Width 450 mm


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