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Top Emergency folding Scoop Stretcher for swift rescue operations

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Explore the best emergency folding scoop stretcher designed for swift rescue operations. Find reliable options to ensure efficient rescue responses in critical situations.

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When every second counts in emergencies, having the right tools at hand is paramount. Meet our top-of-the-line Emergency Folding Scoop Stretcher, meticulously engineered for swift and efficient rescue operations.

Crafted with durability and versatility in mind, this stretcher is designed to be the ultimate companion for first responders, paramedics, and rescue teams. Its innovative folding mechanism allows for compact storage and rapid deployment, ensuring you’re always prepared for emergencies, whether in urban settings or remote locations.

Constructed from high-quality materials, our scoop stretcher is built to withstand the rigours of demanding rescue scenarios. Its sturdy yet lightweight frame provides stability and support, while the scoop design enables seamless transfer of patients, minimizing discomfort and risk of further injury.

With adjustable length and width, this stretcher accommodates patients of various sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of emergencies. The smooth surface and ergonomic handles ensure ease of manoeuvrability, even in challenging environments.

Whether it’s extricating individuals from confined spaces, conducting search and rescue operations, or providing medical assistance in disaster zones, our Emergency Folding Scoop Stretcher is the reliable solution you can trust.

Invest in peace of mind and equip your team with the ultimate tool for swift and efficient rescue operations. Order yours today and be prepared for whatever challenges may arise.


*Twin safety lock for smooth and unbinding locking and unlocking.

*Head section recessed to maintain patient’s cervical alignment.

*Four different length options according to the height of patients.

*The thermally-treated polymer material will not make the patients too hot or too cold, the surface is easy to clean and impervious to fluids.

*X-ray translucent.


Product Size (L*W*H)

162 x 44.5 x 7cm

Folding Sizo (L*W*H) 120 x 44.5 x 7cm
Valid Length 165 x 47 x 8cm
Load Bearing <159kg
N.W 7kg
G.W 8kg


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