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Stretcher 2 Fold Type – YXH-1F1


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2 Fold Stretcher is widely used by Paramedic, EMS Rescue Professional, Ambulance Service and other health care professional. 2 Fold Stretcher is a lightweight stretcher is built from strong and high quality materials that allows it to withstand a high payload.

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Discover the ultimate in compact comfort with our Stretcher 2 Fold Type. Unfold relaxation anywhere with this durable and versatile foldable stretcher – your ticket to instant comfort on the go.

Key Features:

  • Foldable Design: This stretcher boasts a convenient 2-fold design for easy portability and storage. It is ideal for compact spaces and emergency response vehicles.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the stretcher ensures durability and longevity. The sturdy frame provides reliable support for patients during transport.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, ambulances, and more. Its universal design makes it an essential tool for medical professionals and first responders.
  • Quick Deployment: The 2-fold mechanism allows for swift deployment in critical situations. This feature ensures that precious time is well-spent when every second counts in emergencies.
  • Patient Comfort: The stretcher is designed with patient comfort in mind. It features a comfortable mattress and secure straps to keep the patient at ease during transport.
  • Easy to Clean: The stretcher’s materials are easy to clean and maintain, promoting hygiene and preventing the spread of infections. This is especially crucial in medical environments where cleanliness is paramount.
  • Compact Storage: When not in use, the stretcher conveniently folds into a compact size, making it easy to store in tight spaces. Its space-saving design is perfect for facilities with limited storage capacity.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with safety features such as locking mechanisms to ensure stability during transport. The stretcher is designed to meet the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind for both patients and caregivers.

Invest in the “Stretcher 2 Fold Type” for a reliable, portable, and efficient solution for medical emergencies. Whether in a hospital, clinic or field, this stretcher is designed to meet the demands of fast-paced and unpredictable situations.

Detailed Product Description:

  • Flexible handle and fold-able outrigger
  • Made of high-strength Aluminum Alloy Material and Oxford leather materials.
  • Being light-weighted, portable, and easy-carried.
  • Good reputation for reliable quality and service.
  • It is mainly used on battlefields and outdoors to carry patients and wounded persons.
  • Easy to use and sterilization.



Model Product Size
Folded Size
Packing Size
YXH-1F1 208*55*13cm 104*17*9cm 108*18.5*18cm ≤159kg 4.7kg 5kg


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