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suture practice pad for Training and Practice


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This suture practice pad designed for medical students, Get a fast start on a wide range of common wound types that you will be encountering in training and in the field. Our silicone suture pad comes with a variety of wounds and is extremely realistic in mimicking the human flesh, preparing a student for a real-life scenario.

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This Suture Pad is perfect for the Medical students, Nurses and veterinaries to work on their skill sets since this Suture pad comes with plenty of challenging pre-wound patterns. This is not only an ideal gift for beginners but also a useful practice tool for the intermediary and advanced users.


  • REALISTIC TISSUE TEXTURE AND FEEL: This suture pad is made of premium silicone and is designed in such a way, which can be reused hundreds of time. Perfectly textured pad, suitable for all aged- students, from beginner to advanced level in the medical profession. It comes with 18 different types of common wounds and is extremely realistic in mimicking the human flesh.
  • REALISTIC VARIETY OF PRE- WOUND: To become highly skillful you need to perform a high number of repetitions on a wide variety of wound types. This pad comes with 18 different types of common wounds with 3 layers containing skin, fat & muscle layers, great human skin replication!


  • IDEAL & SUSTAINABLE: This pad is designed for medical students, next generation doctors, veterinary and taxidermists to refine their suturing techniques.


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