suture practice kit for suture training


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Our large suture pad (18 cm x 12 cm) is a great suture practice tool and can be used for extra practice, study or teaching. The suture pad is made of the highest quality silicone material, comes with three layers of tissue: skin, muscle and fat, providing the next best anatomical simulation to practice on, after an actual human flesh or a dead animal.

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12 pcs. suture practice kit for suture training for medical student

The suture practice set can be used for:

Exams and study practice
Teaching demonstrations
Practice before starting a real job or residency

Package Contents:
1 * silicone pad
4 * sutures
1 * scissor
1 * tool bag
1 * blades

1 * Handle Scalpel

2 * Forcep

1 * Tweezer


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