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CoaguChek® XS System – PT/INR Test Machine by Roche

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The CoaguChek® XS system is a convenient, portable and user-friendly instrument for monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy. It determines the INR value (International Normalized Ratio) from a drop of capillary whole blood – simple, precise and reliable.

The CoaguChek® XS system is ready for use anywhere at any time. Patients can use it for self-monitoring at home or on vacation.

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The CoaguChek® XS instrument kit consists of different components. The following components are included :

  • CoaguChek® XS meter

  • CoaguChek Softclix lancing device – for single patient use only (Accu-Chek® Safe-T Pro Plus – for use in multiple patients settings)

  • Carrying case, which allows the patient to keep all items incl. 1 vial of test strips in their proper place

  • 4 x AAA batteries

Additional required components are CoaguChek® XS PT Test strips (in a vial):

  • Box with 2 vials of 24 strips each with a code chip
  • Box with 1 vial of 24 strips with a code chip


Fast, reliable results

  • Accurate PT/INR results in one minute
  • Built-in quality control checks every strip automatically
  • Lab-equivalent accuracy precision1

Simple fingerstick test

  • Most patients prefer having a small drop of blood (just 8 μL) taken from a fingerstick to having blood drawn from a vein

Improved patient outcomes

  • Frequent testing allows side effects to be minimized and increases the time spent within the therapeutic range 2


1 Kitchen, D.P., Munroe, S., Kitchen, S., Jennings, I., Woods, T.A.L., Walker, I.D. (2008). Results from the first year of an external quality assessment programme for the users of CoaguChek XS and CoaguChek XS Plus for monitoring INRs. British Journal of Haematology, Volume 141 Supplement 1: P188.

2 Heneghan, et. al (2006). Lancet, 367; 404-411.

Test principle: Electrochemical determination of the PT time after activation of coagulation with human recombinant thromboplastin

User interface: Icon-based LCD display; on/off, mem and set buttons

Memory capacity: 300 test results with date and time

Sample types: Fresh capillary or anticoagulant-free venous whole blood

Easy blood application: Top or side dosing

Measuring range:

  • INR: 0.8 – 8.0
  • %Quick: 120 – 5
  • Seconds: 9.6 – 96

Data transfer: Infrared interface


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