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Breastlight™-Earlier Breast Screening Device

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Our innovative breast self-examination device allows you a clear view of the internal functions of your breasts. Using harmless and extremely powerful LED lights to penetrate through the breast tissue delivering a translucent effect, this device will give you a clear idea of if there are any abnormalities by showing them as a dark cluster. It’s really helpful for the early stage screening of the breasts.

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Breastlight™-Breast Screening Device

A large number of Women get infected due to diseases of Breast, so it is for Sure that important thing is to have a device which can screening breast disease. Breastlight a screening tool for women use at home for self examination and breast awareness. Combination of vibration and non-radiative infrared light helps inspect problems like Postpartum Mastitis, Breast Cyst, Breast Tenderness, Breast Lump, Breast Hyperplasia, Acute Mastitis. Inspection of breast regularly, prevention of breast disease.

Features :

  • Monitor the health condition of breast anytime anywhere.
  • In the use of infrared light check the breast to obtain clear and visual result.
  • Non-radiative light is harmless to the skin, which is safe and assured to use.
  • Combination of vibration and infrared light for self-check in your convenience.
  • 3 gears infrared light intensity to suit your requirement of self-check as so to find the suitable light of getting the best result.
  • Usb charging for handy use, light weight is convenient to carry.
  • Suitable for breast inspection, armpit inspection and breast disease prevention.


Question And Answer

Will the device tell me if I have Breast Cancer?

Crucially, Breastlight is not a diagnostic device so in the event that you discovered a Breast abnormality by using it the most important thing is not to panic and seek advice from your GP at the earliest opportunity for diagnosis. An abnormality detected using Breastlight may turn out to be something harmless but the fact that it has been detected gives you the earliest opportunity to solve the issue should it be something more sinister.

What if I don’t find anything or am unsure about what I have found?

If in any doubt whatsoever about the results of using Breastlight seek the support of a medical professional such as your GP.

Is the device safe to use?

Firstly let us congratulate you on your Breast Awareness and commitment to your own Breast Health. Secondly, we believe that Mammograms are the best form of detection for disease such as Breast Cancer and Breastlight should not act as a substitute for this form of detection. However, a lot can change in 6 months. Because you can use Breastlight in the comfort of your own home anytime you have complete vision and control of your breast health. What this means is that if you want peace of mind 1 week, 10 days or 2 months after your mammogram you can use your Breastlight and book in an earlier GP appointment if you find anything of any concern.


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