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Blood Pressure Monitor Digital UA-1020 JAPAN

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UA-1020 is equipped with newly designed SmoothFit cuff, which enables painless,
comfortable measurement. Also it has two unique modes.

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What is Blood pressure and how can monitor it?

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by circulating blood against the walls in the body’s arteries. When the blood flows through the arteries at higher pressures than normal It happens. The stress at which the blood pushes against artery walls as the heart pumps blood is known as the blood pressure. Too much of this force causes hypertension.

Because the heart pumps blood the pressure at which the blood pushes against artery walls is understood to be a vital sign, an excessive amount of this force causes hypertension.

Blood pressure can be noted both by the number of blood your heart pumps, and the load of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps, and the blockage in your arteries, the higher your blood pressure. A blood pressure is taken in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).

The first (systolic) measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart beats.

The second, (diastolic) measures the pressure in your arteries between beats.


Why Is High Blood Pressure a Silent Killer?

Typically, high blood pressure has no symptoms, but the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls may cause health problems after some time, for example heart disease. When blood pushes with too much pressure through the cardiovascular system, it can harm the walls of the arteries as well as the heart function.

Damage to arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle can eventually cause a heart attack. Unfortunately, damage to the arteries that supply the blood to the brain can contribute to a stroke, such damage to arteries that provide the blood to the kidneys can result in kidney disease.


Medical terms

Getting reading yourself at home can be confusing. Below is a list of terms that are useful to know before taking the reading at home. It is very helpful to understand the result.

Blood pressure: The force of blood against the walls of the artery.

• Hypertension: High blood pressure.

• Hypotension: Low blood pressure.

• Brachialartery: vessel that goes from your shoulder to below your elbow. Normally reading is taken by this artery.

• Systolic pressure: The highest pressure in an artery when your heart is pumping blood for your body.

• Diastolic pressure: The bottom pressure in an artery when your heart is at rest.


• Blood pressure measurement: A calculation of both the systolic and diastolic, systolic number written first, and the diastolic second. For example, 20/80. 120 is systolic and 80 is diastolic.

What is the best device to measure blood pressure at home?

To take the measurements of your blood pressure at home, both an aneroid (manual) device and digital monitor can be used. Choose the right meter that best meets your needs.

Digital monitor

Digital meters are more popular and easy for measuring blood pressure at home. There is no need for a stethoscope with a digital monitor. Most monitors also have an error indicator, speaker print out and innovative features. The results appear in digits on a screen, and are more simple to operate than manual devices.


Are blood pressure monitors accurate?

Some upper arm devices may be accurate if used correctly as directed. Upper arm monitor’s sensors are extremely sensitive to body position. To get an accurate reading with an upper arm monitor, your arm and wrist must be at heart level.

Some people can’t take their blood pressure measured at the upper arm because they have a very large arm or find blood pressure measurements painful. In these cases use a large size cuff for measurement.

Typically, experts say blood pressure reading should get three times at the same time, by digital monitor. It’s a good idea to check the monitor’s accuracy, take your monitor to a doctor’s appointment or healthcare provider. They can then check your device with a standard device which they use in routine work or observe how the patient uses the device and offer recommendations on proper use.

Size: The right cuff size is very important. The cuff size you required is based on the thickness of your arm. You can get help from the healthcare provider or pharmacist to assist you. Blood pressure readings can be wronged if your cuff is the wrong size.

Price: Cost may be a key factor. Home monitors vary in price. You may want to shop around to find the best deal. Keep in mind that pricey units may not be the best or most accurate.

Display: The display of the screen should be easy to you for read.

Sound: You must be able to hear your heartbeat through the stethoscope.


The best blood pressure monitor for at-home use

If you’re thinking of buying your blood pressure device for home, attempt one of these monitors that meet the American Heart Association’s standards. Unless you’re a trained professional, a digital device is ideal for you. You need to take multiple measurements with an accurate monitor, to know if you have high blood pressure.

Below are mentioned some upper-arm blood pressure devices with large size cuffs for those who can’t fit into a medium arm cuff when to take a blood pressure measurement.


Digital blood pressure monitor price in pakistan

A&D Medical Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-1020)

This monitor is featured with an innovative cuff design, inflation, and deflation (3A Technology). The UA-1020 has the feature of TriCheck™ measurement which allows the user to take three continuous readings and receive an average, complying with the American Heart Association’s latest suggestion.

A&D Medical focused on the common problems experienced when taking blood pressure readings and designed the UA-1020’s Advanced Warning System. This feature helps avoid problems letting users quickly get the accurate reading possible.

Unique technology for Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) and AFib screening now found in most of A&D’s blood pressure monitors. This A&D unique technology is now used worldwide assisting in the opportunistic detection of arrhythmias — which include AFib (or Atrial Fibrillation).

• TriCheck– Three continuous measurements and advanced averaging.

• Pressure category chart– Providing a quick snapshot of the user’s blood pressure classification according to the US JNC7 and WHO instruction.

• Irregular Heartbeat Detection– Detect an irregular heartbeat while still providing an accurate blood pressure reading.

• 3A Technology– Advanced cuff design, advanced inflation and deflation, which translates to faster, more accurate and comfortable in using.


MyPressure mode provides individualized inflation and shorten the measurement
time. The TriCheck™ mode automatically takes three consecutive readings with
one-minute intervals for most accurate results.


Newly designed SmoothFit Cuff for painless and comfortable measurement
(Latex-free and metal-free)
TriCheck™ mode for consecutive 3 measurements and average reading
MyPressure Setting mode (AUTO/180/210/240)
Cuff Fit Error Indicator
Movement Error Indicator
Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) Indicator
WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
90 memories + Average reading (All/AM/PM)


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