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Why You Need a Blood Pressure Machine at Home

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Blood pressure is one of the most important indicators of your health. It measures how hard your heart is working to pump blood around your body. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and other serious conditions. That’s why it’s necessary to monitor your blood pressure daily and keep it under control.

But how do you know if your blood pressure is normal or high? The best way to find out is to measure it yourself at home using a blood pressure machine or monitor. Here are some of the benefits of home blood pressure monitoring:

  • It can help with early diagnosis. Many people have high blood pressure without knowing it because it often has no symptoms. By checking your blood pressure at home, you can detect hypertension sooner than if you rely on occasional readings at a doctor’s office1.
  • It can help track your treatment. If you are taking medication or making lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure, home monitoring can help you see if they are working. You can also share your readings with your doctor, who can adjust your treatment plan accordingly1.
  • It can encourage better control. Home monitoring can motivate you to take care of your health and follow your doctor’s advice. It can also help you identify factors that affect your blood pressure, such as stress, diet, exercise and medication1.
  • It can cut your health care costs. Home monitoring can reduce the number of visits you need to make to your doctor or clinic, saving you time and money. It can also prevent complications and hospitalizations that may result from uncontrolled hypertension1.
  • It can monitor if your blood pressure differs outside a medical center. Some people have higher or lower blood pressure readings when they are in a clinical setting, due to anxiety or other factors. This is called white coat hypertension or masked hypertension, respectively. Home monitoring can help you get a more accurate picture of your true blood pressure level1.

How to Choose and Use a Blood Pressure Machine at Home

If you want to start measuring your blood pressure at home, you need to buy a reliable and easy-to-use blood pressure machine or monitor. There are many types and brands available in the market, but not all of them are accurate or suitable for everyone.

Here are some tips on how to choose and use a blood pressure machine at home:

  • Look for a validated device. Make sure the device you buy has been tested and approved for use in your country by a reputable organization, such as the British Hypertension Society or the European Society of Hypertension. You can also look at online reviews and ratings from other users
  • Choose an appropriate cuff size. The cuff is part of the device that wraps around your upper arm and inflates it to measure your blood pressure. It should fit snugly but comfortably around your arm, without being too tight or too loose. If the cuff is too small or too large, it can give inaccurate readings. You can measure the circumference of your arm and compare it with the cuff size chart provided by the manufacturer.
  • Follow the instructions carefully. Before using the device, read the manual and follow the steps exactly as described. Make sure the device is working properly and has fresh batteries. Sit in a comfortable position with your back supported and your feet flat on the floor. keep your arm on a desk at the level of your heart. Wrap the cuff around your arm and push the start button. Wait for the device to display your reading and record it in a notebook or an app.
  • Measure at consistent times. To get comparable readings, measure your blood pressure at the same time every day, preferably in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before bed. Avoid measuring when you are stressed, anxious, tired, hungry, thirsty, cold, hot, or after smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine, or exercising.
  • Share your results with your doctor. Keep track of your readings over time and look for patterns and trends. If you notice any changes or abnormalities in your blood pressure, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor can use your home readings to diagnose, treat and monitor your hypertension more effectively.

Where to Buy a Blood Pressure Machine at Home

If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable blood pressure machine to use at home, look no further than MegMedius. MegMedius is a leading medical equipment shop in Pakistan that sells different types of blood pressure machines or monitors online and offline. You can choose from a wide range of models and brands, such as Omron, Beurer, Rossmax, Microlife, and more. You can also compare the features, specifications, and prices of different devices and find the best one for your needs.

MegMedius offers the best blood pressure machine price in Pakistan, with discounts and deals that you won’t find anywhere else. You can order online and get your device delivered to your doorstep in a few days. You can also visit their physical store and get expert advice and guidance from their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

MegMedius is more than just a medical equipment shop. It is a trusted partner in your health journey, providing you with the tools and support you need to manage your blood pressure and improve your well-being. So don’t wait any longer and order your blood pressure machine from MegMedius today!



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