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mattress in a box BE by moltyfoam vacuum packed rolled up mattress


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Introducing BE by MoltyFoam, a premium King-sized mattress that comes rolled up in a box! Designed with all sleep positions in mind so you can be sure this is the right sleep support for you.

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All You Need To Know About The Top- Quality BE By MoltyFoam Pakistan

MoltyFoam is Introducing BE By Moltyfoam mattress. It is a premium king-sized mattress that arrives rolled up in a box. It is designed by keeping all the sleeping positions in mind, ensuring this is the proper sleep support for you. The renowned mattress manufacturer manufactures Pakistan’s best mattress-in-a-box. The design of the baby mattress guarantees your comfort and enjoyment, which enables you to be yourself.

Suppose you are looking for a dreamy night’s sleep. BE By Moltyform offers you more. Our expertise has decades-long experience. We bring the needs for your perfect night’s sleep. We provide quality products because we know the quality of a mattress is essential for an ideal night’s sleep. So upgrade your bed today as BE By Moltyform is an excellent option for a good rest. The significant aspect of this mattress is that it’s at your convenience to purchase. You can buy these mattresses online, which means you don’t need to opt for the hassle of shopping at a store. 

How Are Rolled-Up Mattresses Stuffed?

BE By Moltyfoam mattress is a rolled-up mattress. A rolled-up mattress is a mattress packed in a box by compressing it to a more convenient and manageable size. Commonly, you would go into the shop and try out the mattress you feel is good for you and your loved one. You also examine that it would fit up your stairs or around a corridor before taking it inside your bedroom. With the invention of a baby mattress, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Thanks to this rolled-up mattress, they are already in a small size that avoids damage and is simple to resize. 

BE By rolled-up mattress is wrapped up in protective factory plastic. After that, it is compressed using a particular vacuum machine. This machine compresses the mattress to the smallest size and easily fits in a box. Unfortunately, you cannot stuff it back into the box once you open the box.

The Things You Obtain With BE By MoltyForm

BE By Moltyform is the innovation in the market of mattresses. The goodness you obtain with this mattress is:

Be At Your Ease:  This Mattress is rolled-up in a box, making it easy to transport, unpack, and relax. 

Be Relaxed: BE By MoltyFoam is your throne where you can sleep away the worries of your long day. 

Be Comfy And Cozy: BE By Moltyfoam provides all the comfort in one mattress, from firmness to breathability.  

Be Rested: BeBy Molty Form promises to provide a quiet night’s sleep, enabling you to wake up refreshed and rested. 


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Steps For Un-Boxing Your BeBy Mattress

by mattress offers optimum comfort and support to the keeper and is also easy to transport. After listening about the mattress in a box, the first query that pop-up in your mind will be how to unbox it. Is it a complex procedure or not?

When you get your baby mattress, follow these simple steps to unbox it:

Step 1 – Unpack

Once you get your mattress home, turn the box on its side and remove the mattress. Put the bag containing the mattress on your solid surface bed frame before opening.

Step 2 – Unroll

Carefully cut open the bag with the help of scissors and remove the wrap. Be aware not to cut the cover or the foam. Unfold the mattress gently and give it some time to expand and recovers its original shape.

As the foam regains its shape, do not pull or tear at the product. Don’t put anything on the top of the foam to hold down the corners. Allow it to restore its shape naturally.

Step 3 – Unwind

A baby mattress takes up to 24/48 hours to reach its full height. However, you can get a great night’s sleep on your new mattress.

Advantages Of The Be By Molty Foam Pakistan

The new release of the Molty foam mattress, Be By Mattress, provides our customers with various benefits that you can reap. This mattress offers quality, comfort, convenience, and a long-lasting experience. Here are some of the beneficial points that you should consider before buying any mattresses

New Variety Mattress

Talking about the other mattresses, they are challenging to shop and carry, but thanks to the new variety and modesty of the Molty foam, they introduce the new series of Molty foam that you can get packed within a box. The large variety of these rolled mattresses allows you to keep a handful of the models, but the bed in a box allows you to stock more Mattresses in inventory because they take less than half the space compared to another full-sized mattress.

BE By mattress contains anything from foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses, but the coil bed can be easily damaged due to the bending in the springs.

Convenient To Deliver

Among all the Be By Mattress benefits, the most significant advantage of buying the Be By Mattress in a box will completely turn the table whenever it delivers. It is the world of e-commerce. Everyone shops online because it is more accessible, and you can get it no matter how far!

The large mattresses are tough to ship as they consume a lot of space and area, so They cannot be usually sent to other cities, but the Be By Mattress can be shipped due to the convenience of boxing and less space requirement. So, the customers from other countries can order it online, and the companies like the Molty Foam can send them their delivery.

With the delivery and its stunning packaging, a customer can easily pick it up himself without looking for any home delivery service. So, it is super convenient and comfortable.

Cost-Effective To You

These mattresses are usually ordered online and take less space, so these are more likely to save you some cost than the full-sized mattress. However, there are some useful and affordable options for you to select to get them according to your range.

Convenient And Comfortable

The new series of Moltyfoam mattresses, BE By mattresses, are an excellent option for your comfort as a night of proper and comfortable sleep. We need to make our whole working day less tiresome if we don’t get adequate and restful sleep at night. The next full day will be burdensome. For better sleep, you need a better mattress.

Be By Molty foam mattress is entirely comfortable and makes your body relaxed. With years of experience, we can provide you with a good bedtime sleep. It will be your throne where you will forget all the day’s worries.

This one mattress will provide you with quality rest from firmness to comfort and undisturbed sleep.

Best Quality Material

The BE by Moltyfoam is manufactured ideally with the best material. These boxed mattresses will provide you with a new experience of durability and comfort without any compromise on quality.

How Long BE By Mattress Lasts In A Box?

BE By mattress is manufactured with the best quality materials. The higher quality of your mattress lasts in the box for a longer time. Our mattresses are in good condition, so the average life span of this mattress is about eight years. Having a BE by mattress in your home gives you a better night’s rest without compromising the quality. 



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