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Filtrete FAP03 Ultra Clean Air Purifier

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This Filtrete™ Air Purifier offers more air circulation and a higher dust and pollen capture rate than a comparable HEPA Air Purifier. This Filtrete™ Air Purifier and filter combined are 99.9% effective at capturing large allergens like pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris. It also captures household dust, pet dander, bacteria, particles that can carry odors, particles that can carry viruses, smoke and smog.



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The filtrate air purifier has an electrostatically charged filter specially designed for capturing large, airborne allergens like pollen, mould spores and dust mite debris. The fibres within the filter are charged to act like tiny magnets that attract and capture small particles. The unit also captures dust, bacteria, smoke, smog and virus carrying particles. Why filter airborne particles & allergens? there is more to keeping your home clean than just cleaning surfaces. The air quality inside your home is affected by multiple factors like; cooking , house pets, plants and you. Have you ever noticed dust particles floating in a stream of sunlight? these are only a small fraction of the particles that can be found in the air in your home. Many particles are invisible to the naked eye and can lurk in the air for a long time. These microscopic particles can be a small as 0.3 Microns and smaller. (In comparison, a human hair is about 50 microns). The particles in the air you breathe isn’t just dust, it could also include common allergens such as: pollen, plant and mould spores, pet dander, smoke, and dust mite debris. Some particles can also carry bacteria and viruses. Many everyday activities in the home such as dusting, vacuuming, cooking and smoking can increase concentrations of these airborne particles. Enhanced filtration on a sustained basis filtrate room air purifiers use replaceable filters to deliver the enhanced filtration of an electrostatic filter on a sustained basis. 3M recommends a filter change every 3 months of continuous use, replacing the filter is important for maintaining the effectiveness of your filtrate room air purifier. How do I compare room air purifiers? it is possible to compare two room air purifiers by looking at their clean air delivery rates (CADR). The higher the clean air delivery rate, the faster the purifier will clean the air. Another useful measure is the effective room size.


  • Effective filtration of pollen, dust mite debris and mould spores from air passing through the filter
  • Also captures household dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke and smog as well as particles that carry odours and viruses from air passing through the filter
  • Allergy UK seal of approval
  • Filter change indicator based on filter life
  • Suitable for a room up to 34 sq m
  • Quiet Filtering 52 decibels
  • Sensor Refill indicator
  • Air purifier size 18 in x 27 in x 9 in



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