Yuwell Electric surgical suction pump 7E-D

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Electric Surgical Suction Pump 7E-D adopts three modes to supply electricity Alternating current, direct current and batteries. So it is more suitable for lack of alternating current situation such as on vehicles and outdoor places to save and nurse patients. Adopting oil-free lubrication pump, square negative pressure dial and built-in bottle low noise, small size, easy to carry.

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Electric suction apparatus AC/DC Portable – internal battery


Compact design and low weight
Equipped with internal battery
Possibility to connect it to car cigarette lighter socket

Technical data:

Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz±2% 12VDC
Input power ≤44VA
Max negative pressure value ≥0,075MPa
Pumping rate ≥15l/min
Reservoir volume 1000ml
Operation noise ≤65dB
Dimension 280×196×285mm
Weight 6,5kg


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