Beurer FM 60 – Shiatsu Foot Massage

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Massage for stressed feet. Everyone can find the right setting for them to ensure a relaxing foot reflex zone massage thanks to 18 massage heads, 2 massage speeds and the adjustable inclination angle. Put your feet up and relax with the Beurer Foot Massager – a treat for your feet! The massager will not only help relieve toe pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis, but can also decrease stress and anxiety in your entire body. 18 rotating massage heads deliver a deeply penetrating shiatsu foot massage. For optimal relaxation you can turn on the heat function.

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  • Soothing Shiatsu foot massage
  • Heat function can be selected separately
  • Circulation-boosting foot reflex zone massage
  • Easy operation with the foot
  • 18 Shiatsu massage heads
  • 2 massage speeds
  • Individually adjustable inclination angle with height-adjustable feet
  • Surface made of breathable mesh material
  • Convenient cable storage
  • Function display with coloured LED on the button

2 stages 
2 massage speeds

Foot reflex zone massage
Circulation-boosting foot reflex zone massage to boost your well-being

Soothing heat
Equipped with soothing heat function

Shiatsu massage
Shi = finger, atsu = pressure = powerful and effective Shiatsu massage originates from Asia and includes soothing and relaxing pressure massage with the fingers, thumbs or palms. Our devices with their rotating massage heads imitate these massage movements.

Technical details

Product designationShiatsu foot massager
Foot reflex zone massageyes
Output in watts50
Type of massageShiatsu foot massage
Material of the undersidesoft, breathable cotton
Heat functionyes
Product dimensions152 x 72 cm
Product dimensions (L x W x H)37.5 x 43 x 11 cm
Item number64931


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