Anti Heel Crack Set

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Heel anti crack silicone Care set not allergic to the skin, best choice for sensitive skin people prevent dry skin soften callus protect against peeling and cracking, relieve heel pressure with pressure damping effect. Heel anti crack silicone care set just hand wash it with soap and warm winter then let it dry suitable  for people when long standing and walking easy to cause pain relief for those who already have heel pain.

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  • Washable, Soft medical grade silicone, non-toxic
  •  Helps prevent dry skin on the heels
  •  Can be used with Heel Balm allowing it to be effectively absorbed
  •  Protect your heel against cracking especially in summer when wearing heel exposed footwear
  •  Relieve heel pain, heel crack, super comfortable, ease the body to reduce the pressure of the heel,
  •  it can also be used to soften the feet often cocoon.


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