AM 205 – Air Mattress For Bedsores WithPump

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This Certeza AM-205 for bedsores with pump Air mattress is intended for those with established surface pressure sore or damaged current tissue or evaluated as low danger or at medium danger, even at very elevated danger of developing a pressure sore.

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  • Bedsore prevention and treatment

  • Alternating pressure mattress

  • Pressure adjustment knob

  • Hook for hanging pump

  • End flaps on mattress


  • Size after inflation: 90 x 200 x 6.5 cm

  • Weight: 2kg

  • Max capacity: 110 kg

  • Mattress colour: Beige

  • Air output: >4.5 lpm

  • Pressure range: 40-100 mmHg

  • Cycle time: 12 min

  • Material: PVC

  • Power output: 7 watts

Care Instructions:Upon power breakdown, please remove the mattress from underneath the patient. When power comes back, inflate the mattress and place it back underneath the patient. DONOT inflate the mattress while patient is lying over the mattress. This may result in damage to the mattress and the pump.


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