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Single Crank Patient Bed Manual Hospital Bed

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Single cranks premium quality manual hospital bed is designed for a patient who is terminally ill or has just had a surgery done at the hospital and needs post operative care at home for recovery. Hospital bed is designed in such a way to keep the patients comfort at the core. Ideal for use at home clinics and hospitals and for short period use at very economical price.

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Choosing a hospital bed

Buying a patient bed for your home can be a complicated procedure with a lot of options and features to choose from. It is difficult to decide which in home hospital bed the best is for you or a loved one. For instance, when a patient discharges a hospital, for best home care, the hospital will be asked for recommendations and suggestions for buying patient bed. Hospital beds are specialty designed to care for a person who is sick or not in full health. These beds allow the user to adjust the position of their head and feet to improve the patient’s blood circulation and overall comfort.

The budget

The budget will obviously depend on the choice of bed and options according to your required use. Manual beds are cheaper than electric beds for example and may be suitable for patients who do not require many changes in position. If you only need the bed for a short-period of time, you would want to consider an economical purchase. Manual beds are just fine for short term, these beds made of metal slats, or even a solid deck and those will last much longer. The single crank be is a good, economical option for short term use.

Manual Single Crank Bed

Manual medical beds use hand cranks to adjust the bed. While these can be affordable options for in home patients who need the benefits of a medical bed, MegMedius has a selection of hospital beds suitable for a variety of conditions whether you’re looking for an adjustable hospital bed for home with a therapeutic support surface or a full-electric hospital bed, you’ll find a dependable product fit for your homecare needs. Our Home Care Single Bed can be used in hospitals, clinics, care homes and private domestic homes to provide orthopedic support for elderly and disabled individuals and their cares. The hospital style beds for home use on sale below have one key function they are adjustable up and down form head side this Single crank manual bed perfect for your individual needs, allowing patient for anatomically correct sleep surface.

How to Buy

MegMedius medical equipment and supplies is the largest online store or distributor for all top brand medical supplies. In other words, we have the largest selection of products at the lowest prices. No matter what kind of hospital bed you required, MegMedius will have the perfect product for you.



Single cranks manual hospital bed
Dimension: (78*36*20)
Made of steel powder coated frame
Four sections bed surface with ventilate holes
Detachable ABS head and foot board
Single manual crank mechanism
Bumpers on four corners
2 sets drainage bag holder at both side of the bed
4pcs luxurious wheels,  with brake

Note: mattress and side railing is not included.


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