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3 crank manual hospital bed,3 fowler patient bed in Pakistan

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Three cranks premium quality manual hospital bed is designed for a patient who is terminally ill or has just had a surgery done at the hospital and needs post operative care at home for recovery. This three fowler patient bed is designed in such a way to keep the patients comfort at the core. Ideal for use at home clinics and hospitals and for short period use at very economical price.

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Bed Frame

A Hospital bed from MegMedius Design assures you the best in comfort, quality, and simple use. This Hospital furniture featured the light weight, durable frame construction that gives excellent strength and long life.


Low Budget and affordable price

Our 3 crank manual hospital bed series provides you a multiple options in side rails, Wheels and mattresses to adjust users with varying budgets. This Manual patient bed has various options including foot, head, and overall height which is adjusted by three hand cranks at the foot of the bed.

Why We buy it?

This three fowler bed for home and hospital is straight forward to set-up. The frame is additional support to scale back bending and twisting, and is warranted for two years to the first purchaser. We offer a very special hospital patient bed price in Pakistan



Three cranks manual hospital bed
Dimension: (78*36*20)
Made of steel powder coated frame
Bed surface strips style
Detachable ABS head and foot board
3 sets manual crank mechanism
Bumpers on four corners
2 sets drainage bag holder at both side of the bed
4pcs luxurious wheels,  with brake

Note: mattress is not included.


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