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Thermedic Lower Back ProWrap

The Thermedic Low Back ProWrap is the ultimate in advanced back pain relief. At first glance it is a back support, but the majority of people who buy Thermedic do so for the carbon fabric infrared element to help relieve pain and aid healing.

The infrared element is housed in the support and has three temperature settings. The constant heat penetrates the muscles and joints to help increase blood flow and is commonly used twice a day for 30 minutes at a time.

Many people use their Thermedic in the hour before going to bed since, for many people, back pain at night leaves them feeling tired. You can use Thermedic at home or at work, under or over your clothes and is simple and easy to use.

As well as the infrared element, there is also a flexible cold pack insert for when you have acute pain, muscle spasm or if there is inflammation. Keep the cold pack in your freezer and insert it into the support whenever you need it. Whether in cold weather or the warmer temperatures of summer, infrared heat can help to relieve your low back pain and help get you more mobile and in less pain.


  • Carbon fabric element delivers infrared heat into the lower back
  • Helps relieve pain and relax muscles to aid mobility
  • Three easy to control temperature settings, suitable for continued heat
  • Heats up for immediate benefit, will not burn
  • Mouldable cold pack insert for acute pain, mesh protects against ice burns
  • Breathable and ergonomic brace secures infrared element or cold pack
  • 30 minute auto shut off safety device
  • One size fits all, maximum waist size 46”


Low Back Pain,Sprained Back Muscles, Muscle Spasms, Lumbar Pain, stiffness, osteoarthritis


  • Model:PW140
  • Product: Lower Back Support
  • Size: Max Waist 46” -
  • Temperature: Low Heat 45~50ºC / Medium Heat 50~55ºC / High Heat 55~60ºC
  • Color: Orange / Blac

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