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Tens Machine

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    The Premier Stim Plus TENS/EMS is a fully digital battery operated pulse generator that sends electrical impulses to the nerves and underlying muscle groups. This unit is a combination stimulator of TENS and EMS which can be used for pain relief and muscle stimulation. The device is provided with two controllable output channels, each independent of the other. A pair of electrodes can be connected to each output channel. The intensity level and settings are controlled by press buttons.

  2. 5000 PKRs5,000.00
    Model #: EV-806
    The Comfy Stim®is a combination unit of TENS and EMS. It features 5 TENS modes and 2 EMS modes. The pulse width, pulse rate, ramp time, on time, off time and timer are fully adjustable. The user can identify if it is a TENS or EMS mode by the reading on the top of LCD.
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    Model #: EV-806 The EV-803A is digital TENS with five preset programs for low back pain treatment. It can be used with normal adhesive electrodes with pigtail connection or the garment attached with conductive gel pad. The mode can easily be selected by pressing the button. The knobs are protected by a cap to avoid accidental touch.

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